Nearly everyone in the United States uses the internet on a daily basis. It is the backbone of most businesses in the 21st century, not to mention the most popular form of communication and amusement. Thus, it won’t surprise many to learn that the United Nations declared the internet, more specifically access to it, a basic human right that is integral to allowing humans to exercise their right to freedom of expression and opinion. They even updated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights back in 2016 to reflect this change. Currently, Article 19, Section 32 of the declaration states, “The…

Richard and Sonia Galvan

Have you ever considered running a company with your spouse? Or perhaps you already do. Whether you’re starting to think about the idea of working alongside your partner or you already work with them, you might be wondering what the secret is. After all, even if you have a wonderful marriage, having a working relationship with your partner is completely different.

Richard and Sonia Galvan are the proud owners and founders of G5 Internet Services in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. They are both entrepreneurs who have been in business together for years, and through this time, they have learned how…

In the 21st century, the internet has become a part of most people’s daily lives. However, like with all technology, the internet is evolving. In order to keep up, businesses, local economies and even entire countries need to make sure that they are progressing if they wish to remain competitive. That is where gigabit communities come in. Gigabit communities are regions that are pushing boundaries and delivering high speed internet measured in gigabits, not megabits. Gigabit communities like Chattanooga, Tennessee, Cleveland, and Kansas City have all seen huge success and attracted major businesses owing to their investment in broadband internet.

Richard Galvan

From Rio Grande Valley, I am the owner of G5 Internet Services. My goal is to empower my community through technology advancements.

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